Ridge Communications Inc.
Telephony and Data Service Solutions

About Us


 At Ridge Communications, we are commited to 100% client satisfaction and strive to implement comprehensive, integrated solutions, while continually seeking new and innovative ways to improve. By working with us, you can have the confidence that you are provided a complete solution for your business and home environment.


Our technicians are highly trained and have many years of experinece in the telecommunications industry. We believe that this is highly important to the successful completion of projects and ensures that they are completed with a very high level of customer satisfaction


From the first meeting until the project completion, there is constant communication between us and our customers. All aspects of our company revolve around the quality of our installation and the services we provide.


At Ridge Communicaions , we will:


  • Respect your business requirements and needs
  • Contact you if something is not going according to schedule
  • Communicate with you on an on going basis
  • Treat you as a business partner
  • Adhere to your company policies and rules
  • Meet deadline schedule


Our customers are important to us. We understand the importance of working with a company that is responsive and understands your needs. As a result, we strive on meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations and to be there when we are needed.



 Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured